Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Silent Hands Support Inc.

Where is your organization's location?

Silent Hands Support Inc. is a non-profit organization registered in Australia. It is established in June 2018 to assist the people who are in need.

What is your organization’s mission ?

Our mission is for SILENT HANDS SUPPORT INC. to make every effort to unite humankind through supporting and helping the world’s poorest and destitute communities by responding rapidly to crises, undertaking feasible advancement ventures to break cycles of endemic poverty.

Why should donors trust your organization?

—-Silent Hands Support Inc. are accountable to the donors.
— Message of Silent Hands Support Inc. is very Clear and Consistent.
—-Silent hands support Inc. is very Upfront about the financials.
—-Silent hands support Inc. always show Donor Appreciation.

Which community does your organization work for ?

Silent Hands Support Inc. will work only for the poor , helpless , orphaned and uninsured people for all communities.

How to make a donation to Silent Hands Support Inc ?

Bank Deposit/Transfer
Silent Hands Support
National Australia Bank
BSB: 082124
ACC NO: 766 634 920
SWIFT CODE: NATAAU3302S( If needed)




Through Website: Donate Now


For Bangladesh

Silent Hands Support Society.

A/C No: 04936000148

Bank Asia, Paltan Branch Dhaka

Routing Number: 070275207



Bkash number


Rocket number