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“Rising Star”, a project of Silent Hands Support which works for the poor and helpless family of meritorious students in order to help them with ensuring education, accommodation, and a bright future. Silent Hands Support has begun its “Rising Star” project to aim for the advantage deprived and helpless family’s children so that their dreams do not get perished and the children can get educated with higher education and they can fulfill their duty of social and pragmatic work along with stand beside other poor and helpless humans.
Every year in Bangladesh, the uncountable number of meritorious children who belong to the poor and helpless family has to stop studying in order to earn money due to their poverty and disadvantages. And moreover, helpless parents have to wed their female children even before they hit the age of 18. The consequences of those facts lead to the destruction of innocent lives even before blooming. Slowly it becomes a burden for society and family. Poverty and lack of education engulf their lives thoroughly. But the “Rising Star” project of the Silent Hands Support will bring back their broken dreams into the light out of the darkness if the Almighty wants (Inn Sha Allah).
Silent Hands Support will stand beside the poor, helpless but meritorious boys and girls by going to the different zones of Bangladesh to make sure that they get the proper education, accommodation and bright future. For this, Silent Hands Support will take necessary steps as it requires if the Almighty wants (Inn Sha Allah). Already, under the project “Rising Star” has taken its initiative through the Silent Hands Supports when the study of Asha Khatun, Sohan Hossain, Sourav Hossain and Dolly Shantoni Madhuri almost came to on its edge. All four of them are very meritorious children of very poor families. Their parents are incapable and helpless. So it was quite impossible for them to manage the continuation of their children’s study. Now they are the member of the Silent Hand Support family.
Silent Hands Support got Asha Khatun admitted in Rajshahi Government Women’s College. Dolly Shantoni Madhuri has been admitted in Sherpur Government College. Sohan Hossain has been admitted in Cantonment School and College, Rajshahi. And last but not the least, Sourav Hossain has been admitted in Government Science College, Dhaka.

Inn Sha Allah, in the future Silent Hands Support, will stand beside the meritorious and talented children from any helpless and poor family and take the full responsibility. For that, everyone’s help and support must be needed. You may give your helping hands to make “Rising Star” project successful by donating money regularly or for a time. Through the help and support of yours, the talented Rising Stars from the advantage-deprived and helpless families of our country will make their dreams come true and this will be the most desirable future.

Under this “Rising Star Project”, the Silent Hands Support will be responsible for ensuring the education, accommodation, and future of the meritorious students from the helpless and poor families of the country, In Sha Allah.
Silent Hands Support is seeking your help and cooperation.

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