The unemployment problem is a hard nut to crack not only in any specific region but it is now an alarming issue all over the world. Most of the country faces the increase of unemployment rate every year which gives rise to the problem of poverty. Because, the world's job market is very limited compared to plenty of job seekers, it is more critical in Asian region. Every year new graduates are joining in the job queue as job opportunities are not being created at the rate at which students are leaving every year.

Unemployment has costs to a society that are more than just financial. Unemployed individuals not only lose income but also face challenges to their physical and mental health. Societal costs of high unemployment include higher crime and a reduced rate of volunteerism. It is one of the most important social issues faced by all developed and developing countries.
It is enormously critical for the disabled people. Persons with disabilities often face unemployment which leads poverty, especially those who are physically weak for their age or lack of proper education. Therefore, SHS has taken an amazing project for them.