One Meal Project

The “One Meal Project” of Silent Hands Support is a food donation project that aims to feed the hungry, destitute, and poor souls living under the poverty line so that we may help change these people’s lives for a better tomorrow. In one hand, 1 in 7 kids in the world suffers from the effects of food insecurity, living in a chronic state of malnutrition, one the other hand there are uncountable number of poor people cannot manage their daily food.

We, from Silent Hands Support, aim to provide substantial and meaningful assistance to people who face difficulties in their life. Individually, we may not be able to change the world by donating these food but we may be able to help people substantially on an individual or community level. From that thinking, we have taken this one meal project which is now one of our popular programs to our donors and sponsors. This is a fight against the poverty and we aim to reach maximum.