Tahamina Ahammed Tania

Tahamina Ahammed Tania

Founder/ Public Officer


As-salamu Wlaikum Wa-Rahmatullah.

Greeting from Silent Hands Support Incorporated !

It is my privilege to greet all our recipients, donors, supporters, well-wishers, mentors, volunteers and everyone else united with Silent Hands Support. Currently we are running 26 activities under our six projects which are truly unique; and those are not happened overnight. Rather, the vision of Silent Hands Support was the result of several journeys, including my own, which led us down this path.

Silent Hands Support started with some very little steps to help people who are really poor, helpless and orphans. The family we have brought up since 2018 till to date is just fantastic and different, who came together around one common purpose: to support people in need. We had started our journey to help people, support disadvantaged children and families, empower people with a lack of education, and assist people with illness and disability, and many more. Above all, end poverty uphold dignity. That time we thought that if we could help even only one person, our initiative would be successful. Alhamdulillah, today we have been able to put a smile on the faces of thousands of people. We hope to extend this helping hand to millions of people near future, Insha’Allah.

First and foremost, we seek to create a stimulating, safe and respectful environment for our people who are poor and helpless. Our projects and activities embrace the situation supporting their individual differences and need. We are not always successful in all our activities but we try to make sure the support from the core of our heart. Because we believe that we are all a family in the basic sense of humanity. We want to share the moment with everyone equally only for that.

We work for the people in need and our greatest desire is to have place in our world; they want to be accepted, respected, and valued for their contributions. No we are not a typical profit making organization. Nor would we ever want to be. Rather if we can bring smile to the helpless people would have been our profit, we see our success on the faces of the people in need.

I encourage you to take some time – explore our website and read more about our history, our philosophy, our programs and our community. I hope that once you do, you will feel, as I do, that The Silent Hands Support sees each helpless people as a unique individual with great potential.

Feel free to contact me or anyone of our staff at any time for assistance and information.