Clean Water

Water is such an essential element in our regular activity that connects every aspect of our life. It is not only important for human being but also important for other living animals and even for nature. Pure water plays the most vital role in our regular activities. Access to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn problems into potential solutions such as empowering people with time for school and work, and contributing to improved health for women, children, and families around the world.
We can undoubtedly say that there’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. In every part of the world, from megacities to rural areas, from Cape Town to sub-Saharan Africa, there’s a water crisis which is globally recognized. It has also been recognized by many world leaders several times and global organizations including United Nations. People are struggling to access the quantity and quality of water they need for drinking, cooking, bathing, handwashing, and growing their food.
Silent Hands Support echo with the findings that are already noticed all over the world and keen to work on those issues. We may not be able to solve all the issues but we are sure that our small steps can lead big changes. We noticed access to clean water can bring many changes; it’s a stepping-stone to the highway of development. When people gain access to clean water, they are better able to practice good hygiene and sanitation. Children can enjoy good health and are more likely to attend school. Parents can put aside their worries about water-related diseases. Instead, people can water crops and livestock and diversify their incomes as well. We intend to support our poor people who are really struggling to manage safe and clean water.