Shelter - Khanikaloy

House or shelter is one of the basic rights of human being and there are many people who are homeless around us. These people lives a hard life. The dramatic increase in world’s population has been one of the main reasons for this shelter problem. The most populous countries lie in Asia; the consistent increasing population in these regions gave rise to an extreme poverty. Poverty is the main hurdle. Poverty and homelessness have an intertwined relationship; circumstances of poverty — such as debt, lack of education, poor mental and physical health and disability — are underlying causes of homelessness.

Poor can’t construct shelter at first site and even if could construct a shelter, it would not be strong enough to prevent different natural disasters like flood, earth quake or any other. Silent Hand Support try to help people who do not have home to stay and lead a vulnerable life. Our intention is not only to make home for them but to ensure their easy life. With the help of our respected donors and sponsors we provide house, clean water facilities and safe sanitations by our Shelter Project – called Khanikaloy.