Our Ongoing Projects

Friday for Kids and Society Meal

Both of these initiatives are our continuous projects for the underprivileged group of the people in the society.

As we are passing through a very difficult time during this pandemic and lockdown, our continuous effort is to help street kids and pregnant women who are underprivileged by our “Friday for Kids” project. Our intention is not only to provide food for them but also to ensure nutritious foods.

We do support poor and helpless people in the society who struggles to manage food by our another continuous project “Society Meal”. By this project we try to provide good food to the poor people who lives in street and slums.

Qurbani 2021 for underprivileged people

There are many people in the society who do not eat meat (beef and mutton) around the year due to their financial condition. These people struggles to manage their daily food, sometimes they even cannot manage a single meal in days. So, managing beef or mutton is just too difficult for them as they are quite expensive than other foods.

Our “Qurbani 2021” project is for these group of people. This initiative will distribute Qurbani meat among the poor and low income group of the people. We aim to reach those group of the people in the society who can't even purchase meat all the year round and can't even beg.

Shelter Project

(Mortuza Khatun)

Mortuza Khatun, the name of an unlucky woman who saved only 70,000 BDT (AUD $11,00) in her last 18 years to catch her dream of a new house for her mother and only child. Her husband left her with a 12 days baby girl and she started struggling in the society with this dream.

But all her savings are being ruined by rats and she becomes helpless. We have decided to make a new house along with a tube-well, a kitchen and a toilet for her.

COVID Response

An outbreak of COVID pandemic disease, has emerged a serious threat to global human health and economy of the whole world. Bangladesh has also come under the attack of this viral disease. Here, we aimed to tackle the crisis by responding social needs such a distribution of food packs, masks and sanitizers among poor and underprivileged group of people in the society with our limited resources.

Our intention is to create awareness beside the initiatives that are taken by the government. At the same time we also stand by the people who need this support. There are many people who cannot seek direct help because of their social status but lost their job/work due to pandemic and lockdown. We just try to find and help them.

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