Qurbani is Muslim ritual sacrifice of an animal as an act of worship of the only God, the Sole Creator of all being. Muslims offer it at the completion of the Hajj pilgrimage which is Islam’s Fifth Pillar of worship. The word Qurbani itself means ‘sacrifice’ and it serves as a strong reminder of sacrifice. The animals that are subject to sacrifice are cared for and looked after and seen as valuable and important assets.
The act is a symbolization of equality amongst all Muslims. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three equal parts; one part for yourself, one for close members of your family and one for those in need. This lesson of Qurbani teaches us to share love and respect among others.
The sacrifice, like so many acts of Ibadat, also encourages social unity. By sharing a part of your Qurbani with those in need, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, you are sharing your blessings and promoting unity and harmony between all human beings. We, Silent Hands Support, believe the poverty can be dramatically decreased by sharing our love and our wealth – that Islam teaches us through Qurbani. Our intension is not only to perform Qurbani but also to reach real needy poor people. There are many areas where people cannot afford Qurbani expenses as well as do not get the shares of Qurbani where we want to reach; so that we can truly bring smiles to the poor faces.