Cloth Distribution

This is one of the micro project of Silent Hands Support that provides new clothes to underprivileged children and displaced poor people. There are a big group of people who lack proper dresses to wear. They always depend on used dresses donated by local people. This problem can be solved by providing a single pair of new dresses to the children. Till this second year of our anniversary, a total of 4154 people get benefit from our clothes project. We have seen smile on their faces with this new dresses. Children, women and elderly people feel happy and it also improves their confidence in other aspects. It is a small initiates by SHS but carry a big message to the society to share love. There are many poor and helpless people in world who cannot afford to buy warm clothes even for winter or for Eid occasions. During both the winter and eid season, we, on behalf of Silent Hands Support, have taken initiatives to distribute clothes among the unprivileged area to reduce suffering and share love. This initiative might not mitigate all their problems but may remit their sufferings to a little extent and create the scope to enjoy.