Of all Muslim institutions around the world, the mosque is the most important and holy place for the public expression of Islamic religiosity. The Mosque is the house of prayer in the Islamic faith which is symbolically very important to Muslims for the point of Islamic intellectual activities. It is not only a place of Muslim worship, but also a place to gain knowledge. It is not only a place for communal gathering of the Islamic community members, but also a place for holding various religious ceremonies and rituals, such as wedding and funeral. Mosques are also places where religious studies take place, and where the younger generation of Muslim children would go for their religious education.

In simple words, mosque is a place for prayers, a center for practicing Islamic knowledge, a place for discussing Islamic issues and running Islamic activities that involve all level of public. There is no difference between rich and poor.

Mosques which are classified as non-profit organizations, deal with public funds received from government, corporate and public donations. Silent Hands Support noticed there are many mosque in rural areas where government and corporate donations do not reach properly. These mosques and madrasa are basically run by the small donations from poor villagers where there is always a need. From our visits to these mosques and madrasa in remote area we, Silent Hands Support, found many issues such as scarcity of clean water for ablution, lack of prayer mat, shortage of ceiling fan, sound system and many others. Here we want to keep our focus so that we can reach out more and more people.