Old Age Home

World’s population is increasing every day and gradually ageing as well. Silent Hands Support believe that later life can, and should be, the best years of your life. But it is always complicated for the people who are living in the third world countries. It is quite different from the developed countries. Maintaining nutrition, arranging home, cloths and treatment is a big challenge for the old people in third world countries. Even, people of this age are many times neglected at home as well. So providing good elderly care becomes increasingly important in any society.

In our old age home, we will ensure an environment where helpless and poor can stay like a family; at the same time we will make sure their required support so that they can lead a happy life. Moving to this stage of life, we aim to offer truly independent lifestyles in our old age home, set in beautiful and secure environments, with an array of facilities and amenities, where everything is taken care of.