Sponsor Child

There are many children around us leave school without a basic education due to the poverty. Silent Hands Supports feel the strong desire to make a difference in the society by providing sponsorship to a single child or a group of children for their education, food, clothing or treatment issue. Many children are forced to drop out of school early due to many reasons, as their parents are unable to afford costs, or they are required to work to supplement the family’s income or they are obligated to manage their food. These scenario are more crucial in Asian and African countries where there are hurdles in meeting basic needs.

Our sponsored children are given the opportunity to meet their basic needs such as complete their schooling. As we fight against poverty and we strongly realize education is crucial to combating poverty. We aim to ensure these children receive a good education which is a sustainable and long term approach to building their better future. Education means more opportunities and the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Our sponsors and donors feel the strong desire to make a difference in the world as the way SHS thinks. We work as a bridge and monitor the improvement of sponsored child on behalf of the donors. Child sponsorship is the ideal solution for them we do not get enough scope to go to the door of the poor. We are trying to make a small difference in developing communities by our effort(s):