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The key aspects of Silent Hands Support Inc. are accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to every person who has invested time, money, and faith in our organization. Silent Hands Support Inc. is accountable to the donors, funders, volunteers, program recipients, and the public community. Public confidence is a factor in the amount of money that a Silent Hands Support Inc. is able to raise.

One Meal

One Meal

Food is the first and foremost demand of basic human needs. But in many countries of the world today people are dying without food. Therefore, food is provided to the poor, helpless, orphans, street children and elderly men and women through one meal project of Silent Hands Support. The purpose of this one meal project of Silent Hands Support is to encourage people to provide food to the poor and needy who are starving. The food shortage of poor, helpless and unprivileged people in this world will be eliminated if everyone extends their helping hand.
Food Aid

Food Aid

Much has been said about the global food crisis that has been threatening the world in past years. As International Aid & Development agencies strive to lessen the direct impact of poverty and work towards a sustainable solution, it is crucial to continue to support the immediate needs of the most affected global communities. At SHS, the global food crisis has been at the forefront of its agenda. The dramatic rise in food prices worldwide, coupled with increasing disasters in many parts of the world, has made SHS more focused on alleviating the problem of hunger and to help people regain their health and independence.

Rising Star

“Rising Star”, a project of Silent Hands Support which works for the poor and helpless family of meritorious students in order to help them with ensuring education, accommodation, and a bright future. Silent Hands Support has begun its “Rising Star” project to aim for the advantage deprived and helpless family’s children so that their dreams do not get perished and the children can get educated with higher education and they can fulfill their duty of social and pragmatic work along with stand beside other poor and helpless humans. Every year in Bangladesh, the uncountable number of meritorious children who belong to the poor and helpless family has to stop studying in order to earn money due to their poverty and disadvantages. And moreover, helpless parents have to wed their female children even before they hit the age of 18. The consequences of those facts lead to the destruction of innocent lives even before blooming. Slowly it becomes a burden for society and family. Poverty and lack of education engulf their lives thoroughly. But the “Rising Star” project of the Silent Hands Support will bring back their broken dreams into the light out of the darkness if the Almighty wants (Inn Sha Allah).


In the wake of a disaster, whether of natural causes or man-made, it is essential that help and relief arrive as quickly as possible. This is important to ensure that survivors do not endure prolonged suffering and also to prevent the outbreak of diseases due to unmanaged contamination. Silent Hands Support Inc. leverages the skills, resources, networks, and geographical coverage of field offices for effective and efficient assistance in delivering humanitarian aid during disasters.  Winter Blanket Appeal Drought appeal  Flood appeal  Bush fire appeal  Emergency relief
Shelter for homeless

Shelter for homeless

We think of shelter as a basic requirement of life but many people simply don’t have a roof over their heads or a safe place to live. Also hundreds of homeless individuals die each year from diseases, untreated medical conditions, lack of nutrition, starvation and exposure to extreme cold or hot weather. And, specially affected orphaned , young people who are very poor, people with physical or mental health problems, people who live on the street. Silent Hands Support has been continuing to assist such people through housing and self-employment.


QURBAN is one of the SHS’S significant projects among all.  We will operate our Qurban Project every year In Sha Allah in the world wide and the Qurban meat will be distributed among the poor, helpless  and unprivileged communities those who can’t effort to do Qurban. We have already started our giving back Bangladesh mission with QURBAN. QURBAN is our primary humanitarian FOOD AID program.


Cost is one of the more evident reasons why youngsters don’t gain admittance to an instruction, given that a few families must meet their fundamental needs – sustenance and asylum first. Guardians may require their kids to work to enhance household income, do family tasks or care for sick family members. Then again, numerous youngsters who do go to class get an insufficient instruction due to ineffectively prepared, came up short on instructors, stuffed classrooms and an absence of essential apparatuses, for example, reading material, writing board, even chalk, pencil and paper.


One of the banes of present-day medicine is the extravagant expense of cure that has rendered therapeutic administrations in numerous parts of the world out of reach to poor people. The results of this circumstance are desperate undoubtedly as effectively preventable and treatable ailments are causing passing and superfluous long haul enduring to millions. Further, without great wellbeing, the survival and monetary independence of people and their networks are at risk. SHS Inc. gives crisis restorative and wellbeing alleviation in struggle circumstances and in addition growing long haul activities. Our long-haul way to deal with medicinal services arrangement intends to give networks a genuine possibility of future achievement.

Clean Water

Lack of access to safe water sources is one of the world’s largest health and environmental problems – particularly for the poorest in the world.
Winter Appeal

Winter Appeal

With your help, Silent Hands Support provides blankets and clothing to people experiencing cold, homelessness, helping them keep warm through the colder months.


Losing parents places a heavy burden on the lives of orphans, whether it is caused by man or nature. Orphans are most vulnerable to being exploited and mistreated due to their lack of protection and finances. Many get sold off as cheap slave labour, or worse. Most orphans have no access to adequate housing, sanitation, food, clean water or an education.
The ORPHAN AID program of Silent Hands Support is designed to address the needs of the orphans and improve their lives in a way that respects and preserves the customs and traditions of the countries in which they reside.


Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam refers to purification in general and purification of wealth in particular, therefore, those Muslims who have wealth over a certain ratio they are liable to pay Zakat (2.5%) on it and give it to those who are less fortunate and don’t have sufficient means to live their life in a standard way.
From the ayah of the Quran (9:60) the following people who deserve Zakat can be extracted:

✔️The Poor – These are the people who don’t have the means to live their life properly and live below the line of poverty.
✔️The Needy – These people are also poor, however, because of their pride and bashfulness they don’t expose their poverty.
✔️The Collectors – These are the people who are given the duty of collection of Zakat from other people, however, they themselves can’t afford to live a normal life.
✔️The New Converts – People who convert to Islam are also eligible as Zakat recipients as with their conversion to Islam they need assistance and help for a new start in life.
✔️To Free Slaves – The money of Zakat can also be spent on freeing the slaves as well.
✔️To Help Someone Pay Debt – Those who are in debt and can’t afford to pay it off on their own are also eligible for Zakat.
✔️In Cause of Allah – Zakat can also be given to people who strive in the way of Allah, especially in the form of fighting the usurpers.
✔️For Travelers – Zakat can also be given to the travelers and wayfarers as they might need the money when it comes to travel arrangements.
Silent Hands support’s duty will be distributing the Zakat money strictly who deserves.

Pilgrims on the way to “The Kaaba”

Hajj, The fifth and one of the five pillars of Islam which is a devoted act of worship for Muslims. Prophets and The prophet of Islam, Rahmatul Lil Alameen, Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) also performed Hajj in his lifetime and the farewell speech in the ultimate Hajj is a charter of human rights in every time.

A Muslim prays facing the house of Kaaba and every Muslim cherishes the dream of visiting the house of Allah. Hajj strengthens the unity of the Muslim Ummah and promotes world peace and brotherhood. It is an act of worship combining of physical and financial involvements. The condition of this obligatory worship is to perform Hajj by oneself (if one can afford it) otherwise the deceased individual or the patient who is unable to go for Hajj will perform this obligatory Hajj through the alternative system of the Hajj.
A pilgrim is a guest of Allah. The Prophet (S.A.W) said, “ the pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah are the representatives of Allah. Their prayers are accepted if they pray, it is also been given”. - Source: Sunan-e Kubra Baihaqi (5/272) Al Awsat Tabarani (6311)

The Prophet (S.A.W) added, “God forgives the sins of the pilgrims and also those for whom the pilgrims ask forgiveness”. This is a matter of great fortune for a pilgrim.

The Prophet (S.A.W) further said about the cost of Hajj “Spending for Hajj is like spending in the way of Allah whose reward increases up to seven hundred times”. - Source: Sunan Ahmad (5/355) Baihaqi (4/332) I

Hajj is the means of getting closer to Allah. This Hajj must be done with ultimate sincerity and it is only for the pleasure of Allah. How fortunate are those who perform Hajj or support to arrange it!

Silent Hands Support (SHS) manages multiple services to support people in need. But it is important to serve spiritual peace with the material services of a person. A real human-being’s body, mind and soul are kind and finds the path to happiness and peace. This activity of Hajj is for the worldly and otherworldly peace of a Muslim.
Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has also eased the Hajj to perform and if the Hajj is obligatory on parents and they cannot perform it due to death or illness, then one of our main objectives is to encourage families to do good deeds by arranging alternative Hajj for their parents.
Our aim is to assist in the implementation of Hajj on behalf of the sick, the dead and the disabled through a healthy and able person, and the project will be directed in the consultation with Islamic Shariah experts and experienced scholars.
Dear brothers and sisters,
Many pious people cherish the dream of visiting Kaaba all their lives where the love of God lies behind. The charm to the House of Allah, “Baitullah” is emotional, with tears in eyes, Muslims begged to Allah to visit the Kaaba. Appearing in the tomb of the Prophet (S.A.W) and offering salat and salaam directly is the great desire of any Muslim. We can support the lovers of Kaaba who are financially disadvantaged to fulfill their cherished dream. If a God-fearing person can perform Hajj or Umrah at your expense, then the person will be grateful to you and will pray to God for you. Being a part of the society we spend money in many ways, and it is obvious that our donations for pilgrims can be a good cause of expenditure. Moreover, Silent Hands Support (SHS) is committed for the smooth management of the Hajj with honesty and trustworthiness, Inshallah.
May Allah give us a life of peace and happiness. We seek affordability to Allah, to perform the Hajj and to support others on the Hajj tour as HE spelled the path of Kaaba.
However, you can contact us in person, for your replacement Hajj or to support financially incapable pious person for their Hajj or Umrah. In addition to this, you can extend a helping hand in the implementation of the Hajj project by Silent Hands Support (SHS). Your little contribution towards our dream project will reach to Allah by fulfilling the dream of a religious person.
Detailed principles of Hajj project, rules, Hajj guide, duties to be performed in Hajj, will be prepared and conducted by experienced person. We will provide the necessary stuffs in due course to those who will take part in this project, InshaAllah.

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