Wheel Chair

Living with a disability is no easy task. The needs of disabled individuals may fluctuate throughout their lifespan and may involve emotional, social, and financial issues. Depending on the mental or physical limitations experienced by a person, seemingly simple tasks such as eating a meal or some simple task can become difficult or even impossible. Relationships may also be affected.

Here Silent Hands Support try to make their life easy by providing accommodations or tools designed to increase independence and bridge the gap for those with disabilities. A wheelchair is an example of an accommodation for a physical disability. A disabled person with the wheelchair can get more chances to interact with friends and family, and thus to remove tension and dissatisfaction. SHS never leave a single scope to put smile on the poor faces.
In reality, it is impossible to see your family members crying for food and you cannot do anything for them with disability. This harsh reality can be felt very well only by the victims. Those people are needed for our help. Dedicating our whole life for the betterment of those physically handicapped people will not be enough to solve this problem. Because, there are currently more than two billion disabled people around the world.